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Vintage Burlesque Entertainment
Amazing Norvil & Josephine

Vintage Burlesque Entertainment:

The feature film "Burlesque" with Cher and Christina Aguilara, Immodesty Blaize, and to top it all off, Dita Von Teese... you can't argue: vintage burlesque entertainment is back big time! And placed perfectly as part of the revival is the entertaining and unforgettable act Amazing Norvil & Josephine.

Inspired by burlesque, vaudeville and music hall shows where magicians were often top billing in the line up for their acts, Amazing Norvil & Josephine present their work around the UK and internationally as corporate entertainment, in theatres and private partiesof all shapes and sizes. The act doesn't need a stage - it can also be presented on a dance floor or similar clear performance area.

This act is unique because, apart from incredible classic style magic, they also add combine the magic with acrobatics and singing making it a Vintage burlesque style entertainment act unlike any other act. The feature scene in this show with burlesque overtones is complete with feather fans and demonstrations of spectacular entertaining contortions by 'Josephine' . The act featured as one of the starring line-ups at Yes, Yes, Yes! Club at Scala in London, King's Cross as well as at Salon Rouge (The Junction, Cambridge)

Their award-winning fun-filled act has received critical acclaim and is perfect if you're looking for a magician show to dazzle at your vintage or burlesque event. The inimitable duet features Magic Circle Magician Christopher Howell with dancer and acrobat Desiree Kongerod.

This show is also ideal as vintage burlesque entertainment because of its flexibility to draw from a wide repertoire and custom craft you a routine that will shine in your venue, and work around how much space you have or technical facilities that are to hand.


Vintage Burlesque Entertainment

Amazing Norvil & Josephine could appear at your event to present something special that your audience and guests will talk about for years to come.


vintage burlesque entertainment

Vintage Burlesque Entertainment

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