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Vaudeville Magicians
Amazing Norvil & Josephine

Vaudeville Magicians:

Vaudeville is the name given to a class of variety entertainment highly popular in North America from the early 1880s until the early 1930s. Types of acts making up Vaudeville shows included a far reaching mix of exotic performances including trained animals, acrobats, jugglers, minstrels and of course, magicians. The acts were unrelated and appeared in a line up to make each show. Vaudeville grew up from a colorful mix of origins such as the so-called dime museums, freak shows, and burlesque.

The unforgettable Vaudeville-inspired magician double act Amazing Norvil & Josephine present their work throughout the UK and internationally at events of all types and sizes. You don't need a stage, as the act is just as effective when presented on a dance floor or similar clear performance area.

This act is unique because, apart from incredible magic, reminiscent of Vaudeville magicians and showmen, they also add a touch of something special to the act with entertaining demonstrations of acrobatics and singing. The act is inspired by the days of Harry Houdini and the great music hall revue shows.

Their award winning fun-filled Vaudeville magician act has received critical acclaim and is perfect if you're looking for a stage magician show to dazzle at your event.

This magician show is also ideal because of their flexibility to draw from their repertoire and custom craft you a routine that will shine in your venue, and work around how much space you have or technical facilities that are to hand.

Vaudeville style magicians

"Neo-Vaudeville" Magicians
Amazing Norvil & Josephine

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