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Music Hall Magicians
Egyptian Hall, Wilton's, and today

Music Hall Magicians:

If you're looking for music hall style entertainment for an upcoming event, you've come to the right place. Music halls were often the showcases of the latest and most famous magicians and illusionists. The Maskelyne Family operated the veritable mecca of the London magic world, the Egyptian Hall in Piccadilly. Here for example, you could marvel at wonders such as the runaway sensation: sawing a lady in half.

Around London music halls were famous houses of popular entertainment from the Victorian era onwards. Wilton's Music Hall (still thriving today) is a great example in London's east end. It still boasts a theatre, concert hall and bars and is a popular choice for weddings. It was in operation as a music hall offering diverse entertainment, much of it musical, for the better part of thirty years. The Hackney Empire is another famous proponent far away from the West End. Chaplin appeared there on several occasions before heading to the U.S.

If you're planning a music hall style event - whether it be in a venue you're dressing up in period style or in Wiltons Music Hall itself, Amazing Norvil & Josephine are a popular and entertaining double act full of music hall style panache. Amazing Norvil is a top Magic Circle magician and Josephine is an acrobat and dancer of the highest order. The show features dazzling magic from start to finish and adding to the spectacle, often the magic is complemented by Josephine's acrobatics or Norvil's rich baritone singing voice. It's a music hall magician act like none other.

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Wilton's Music Hall, incidentally, is currently in a grave state of disrepair and is commencing a massive restoration project. If you'd like to contribute to the future of Wilton's (as they are still in great need of funding) click here: Save Wilton's Music Hall


music hall style magicians

Music Hall Magicians

Above photo courtesy of Martin Bond

egyptian hall 1895

Above: Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, c. 1895

Wilton's Music Hall

Above: Wilton's Music Hall, Interior

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