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Amazing Norvil & Josephine

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This magician trivia about the illusionist duo Amazing Norvil & Josephine? It's a team effort to ensure that audiences get the best quality show money can buy. Here's some little-known magician trivia about this magician act so you can see the real stuff that makes the act magical!

Amazing Norvil's costume is an authentic antique dinner jacket costume from around 1918. His spectacular silk top hat was flown in from a bespoke hatmaker in Texas just for the show.

Josephine's costume is a unique piece, designed and made especially for the act by costume designer Emma Russell.

Much of the music you hear was composed originally for the show so each action at every moment is underscored by musical flare. Many of these tracks were composed and conducted by singer, songwriter and composer Doug Howell.

The stage equipment comes from all over the world, the list includes, Germany, Ohio (USA), Indonesia, and other wonderful places.

The beautiful set designs have been created and painted by Rosie Clark.

The show was directed by Martin McDougall in London with additional artistic direction by Joanie Spina in Las Vegas.

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